I picked Bootstrap for the open source case study as I was doing some reading about it anyway after seeing it in one of the files included in Visual Studio 2013.

So what is Bootstrap anyway? Here are some of the highlights I found out from http://getbootstrap.com/

  • It is a HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing websites
  • It automatically scales the websites depending on the device where it is viewed
  • It is Mobile first

You can view the project here on github: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap

A quick test in ASP.net MVC VS2013 and the Bootstrap v3.0.0 that came with it:

1. Normal size


Nothing fancy. I simply ran this in chrome after creating a new project. But take note of the contents.

2. Resized 


Ta-dah! Without actually coding ANYTHING, it figured out how to display the page when resized. The menu is now hidden and expandable and the contents are all shown without scrolling.

I’ll probably show a mobile view on my presentation day on different devices and different browsers to test how it will be displayed. And that’s it! End of my quick overview of Bootstrap!