TDD or Test Driven Development is new to me. I have read it in a book which I haven’t finished reading yet (The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers) but I never thought I would actually be working on a project following this process so soon! Since it’s new to me, I’m somehow mixing up the steps in my head. I should first and foremost focus on writing my tests but a part of me wants to figure out how I’m gonna code the du shell command for Filer first. I hope I get used to this VERY SOON.

I had problems setting up my Dev environment for Filer early this week. I felt lost probably because open source development is completely new to me and had to ask for help. After downloading Node.js and typing npm install, error messages spewed out from my command line. It’s looking for a package.json file and I have no idea what it is for and what to put in it. Naturally, I got errors for the other commands too. So I asked David Humphrey, my teacher what was happening and the bottom line is, I did the npm install in the wrong directory – funny mistake I know. Just in case someone out there did the same thing, you should execute it while you are in your project’s directory which in this case is my cloned version of Filer. I also saw a not found: git error which got fixed when I restarted my system.

Dave said I should blog about this to help other students who might be struggling too. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if not, hope it helps!