As a refresher, here is a link to the issue in GitHub I picked for Release 0.2.

Here’s how I tackled it:

  1. Inside the issue description in GitHub was the link to the document on how to localize views in Webmaker Mobile as well the details of how I can see the page and where the codes are.
  2. Seeing actual codes, for me at least, is different from just reading the documentation. So I looked for an actual implementation within other files by going to the original repo and searched up i18n. I also checked which files I need to change.
  3. Updated index.html and locale\en_US\mobile-appmaker.json to enable localization. Saved.
  4. Gulp dev — NOTHING HAPPENED!

Did I do something wrong?!  Why aren’t the texts changing? Do I need additional files? Is it really being translated? I changed the English translation to gibberish and the changes still did not get reflected.

So what’s happening?

I copy pasted the exact working code and replaced it with the keyname I want to use. I tested it by putting back gibberish again and typed the gulp dev command. SUCCESS!!! Apparently, I typed in il8n instead of i18n. LOL. I tested it by confirming that first, the texts will change if I modify the mobile-appmaker.json US-English file. Second, I updated the French mobile-appmaker.json file using the same keys I used and checked if it translates when I add the ?locale=fr in the address bar and back to english when I type ?locale=en_US which it did.

So I’m ready to go! Almost at the exact moment I pushed a commit which referenced the issue number, k88hudson commented asking if I could get a patch up because they need it next week for Mozfest. (I was gonna say I’m psychic but she beat me to it saying “WOW ESP”). I had to change some of the descriptions based on her instructions and pushed again… And then she replied that it looks like I need to rebase. I remember “rebase vs merge” during class but I’ve never tried rebasing before. So I quickly googled how to do it, but I didn’t get lucky in executing it. In the end I think I unintentionally did a merge while attempting to rebase because I was trying some commands. I was expecting them to get back to me and suggest how to do it properly, but when I looked, thisandagain merged my commits into mozillafordevelopment:master.


Now I’m more comfortable with the process and really excited for the next task!

pull request

Oh and I got a rainbow colored .gif from thisandagain.

Can’t describe it so here is a link :