Since I paused on working on the double media player issue, I decided to work on something else for the meantime. My Release 0.2 was about the localization for the sign up page of webmaker-app and to test that it does change languages, I switched from English to French because it already has its own translations. My first instinct though was to test it in my language – which was not available. So I got the idea of translating stuff instead for release 0.3.

I thought it would be easier than expected but I ended up googling some words because of lack of translation and/or because I couldn’t think of the best word to describe it. At first I started translating in tl_ph (Tagalog Philippines) but decided to switch in Filipino because I converted some of the words mixed with English which is how people normally speak. Most would say that the two languages are exactly the same, even native speakers would, but technically Fiilipino has more borrowed words. Anyway, there is an entirely separate discussion about that which is not part of this blog – I did however translated in a more understandable way.


100 strings, 725 words

I was surprised I managed to translate 725 words within those 100 strings! Is the counter working properly? lol. But just to make sure I am on the right track, I looked at page and saw that it was mixed with English as well:

google filipino “Mag-sign in

transifex version that I translated

The string I translated in Transifex

Note: I am not 100% sure if translations need to get approved first before it shows up. I’ll probably check in a few days.